Friday, September 7, 2018

How To Draw Cool Race Cars - Best Online Resources

How do you draw cool race cars? Practice. It's that simple. However, if you need more advice than that, here are some pointers and a fond memory.

When you're a kid, you have a big imagination. Sometime I thought I couldn't draw as a kid, but I didn't let that stop me. I remember getting a book when I was a child about how to draw cars. I actually studied that book and tried to understand just how to approach the concept of drawing.

You see, when you can't draw, you use large scale shapes and figures to get the job done, looking at more of the complete picture. The people that have a talent for drawing seem to be able to piece something together like a puzzle.

I remember starting to get the hang of it a little as I studied the book more. What's some of the advice I can give you?

First, I would start by telling you to use your imagination to draw a cool looking car from your imagination if you are just starting out. You might have wanted to draw some of your favorite cars, and you can do that too. Yet, you can learn alot about drawing just by letting your imagination run wild!

Second, study some good art lessons. This was one of the most important things for me when learning how to draw was finding great lessons on how to draw and practicing every day.

My top picks for some great art lessons are:

* How To Draw Cars Like A Pro:
This online course is a 177 page downloadable e-book that contains step-by-step instructions, tips, and guides on how to draw sports cars, race cars, and other types of cars. Among all of the resources you can get, it is by far the best one out there.

* The Secrets To Drawing:
While this course isn't specifically about drawing, it is a necessity. Without learning the basics and fundamentals of drawing, it's impossible to draw a really nice car. "The Secrets To Drawing" contains 5 hours of videos and 26 different e-books, providing you with everything you need to start drawing "like a pro".
These tutorials for drawing can get you out of the starting gate, and you do have to practice when you get them. It won't be an overnight process. You have to hone your skills and you may want to go with a few of those online tutorials at first. But once you get the basic concepts down you'll be on your way to drawing whatever you want, whenever you want!