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Learn How To Draw Sports Cars

Learn How To Draw Sports Cars!

draw sports cars

Drawing is a really fun activity for people of all ages. Wanting to draw is practically instinctive. When you have a writing instrument in your hand, you cannot help but scribble or doodle. Doodling is great, but what if you want to draw something that really looks like something? It is not difficult to learn how to draw. Even if you think you can never draw like the person next to you, there are some tricks that you can learn which can give you amazing results. For example, have you ever want to learn how to draw sports cars? It might seem complicated at first, but if you follow these steps, you will have yourself a nice drawing of a sports car.

First, look at some pictures of sports cars and notice what they have in common. The body is streamlined and sleek. Edges of the body are curved for aerodynamics. The body sits low. It is usually a two-seater. Notice the detailing. Once you have looked at various examples, it is time to take those designs and draw your own.

On your paper, you need to establish your car will be located. Draw a horizontal line across your paper to establish a guide. You will draw your car over this line to keep things in alignment.

Next, you want to lightly sketch place holders for the two main sections of the car. Basically, there is the body and the top. Draw a long rectangle as the placeholder for the body. This rectangle should have the height of the body. It should be slightly above your horizontal guide line, and parallel to it. Then, above this rectangle, draw a shorter rectangle that will be the place holder for the top. In this example, the car will be facing left. So, your second rectangle will be about one-third shorter from the left.

Now that you have your placeholders, you can draw the body inside the first rectangle. Sports cars have curves, so you will use a light hand to draw curves for the body. Draw a curve on the left side, inside the rectangle. Draw a curve at the right side for the rear of the car. Then draw horizontal lines to join these curves.

The top of a sports car usually slopes downward toward the rear. For the top, start at the left-lower corner of the top placeholder, then draw a curve upward to the top edge of the placeholder. Once you reach the top, sketch your curve downward, with the goal of ending the line at the right-lower edge of the place holder. You might need several tries in order to get this curved top to look the way you want.

Now that you have the body and top, you can erase the place holders. Smooth out the lines of your drawing so that you have a nice shape of a car.

Add the tires. Start with the rear tire first. The top of the rear tire facing you is just slightly lower than the top edge of the body. The bottom of the tire slightly crosses the bottom of the car, and it should be just touching the horizontal guide line that you first drew. Most sports cars have a low clearance, so you can represent that in your tire placement. Draw the front tire so that the bottom is one the horizontal guide line. Do not forget to add the tires for the other side of the car. Just sketch the bottom of the tires because that is all you should be able to see.

You are about half-way done on learning how to draw sports car. There are just a few more steps.

For the windshield, follow the curve of the top of the car, then draw a vertical line just to the left of where you envision the driver's window and door should be. Then add the driver's window. The top should follow the top of the car. Since the car is a two-seater, the driver's window should end at about three-fourths of the length of the body.

Add the driver's door. Find the lower-left corner of the driver's window, and from that point, draw a vertical line down the body, leaving a little room at the bottom. That's the hinge side of the door. For the right side of the door, find the right-lower corner of the driver's window. From that point, draw a line that slightly slants downward toward the lower-left. Stop around where the left door line stopped. Then draw a horizontal line to connect the left and right lines of the door.

There's a lot of different approaches on how to draw sports car. So far, you have learned to draw the basic body. Now, you can now add some detailing. You can add these to the top of your car. Look at photographs of sports cars to get inspiration for shapes for headlights, the grill, and designs for the top.
The tires are, so far, are just empty circles. Draw a smaller circle inside the large circle, then draw in a design for the hub cap.

Add a handle to your door. How about a cap for the fuel tank? Make it even more fun and add wings to the rear of the car. Play around with different detailing.

When you are satisfied with your sketch, add some color to it. Add racing stripes. Look at samples of graphic art to see if you want to embellish your car with any of them.

Before you read this article, you thought that you could never be able to learn how to draw sports car. Now that you have learned the basics, you can be creative and customize your car in any way you want. The possibilities are limitless. Look at photographs and get ideas. Combine design components and come up with your own design. Just keep on practicing, and you will amaze yourself at what you can accomplish.

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